Guidelines for
On-site Training Courses / On-site Exams / Office Operations at DQS HK Office
under Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Above / Extreme Conditions / Black Rainstorm Warning

Unless otherwise announced, the scheduled activities will be arranged as below:

Signal Issued – Before Activity Hours
Cancelled if the signals are still in force:
1. at 6:30am –– for activities before 2:00pm
2. at 10:00am –– for activities between 2:00pm – 6:00pm
3. at 2:00pm –– for all activities on that day

Signal Issued – During Activity Hours
1. Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Extreme Conditions – All outdoors activities will be terminated, while activities already in progress may continue with certain limitation
2. Black Rainstorm Warning – All outdoors activities will be terminated, while activities already in progress will continue

Signal Lowered
Activities are normally to be held as scheduled*, if the signals are lowered:
1. before/at 6:30am –– for all activities on that day
2. before/at 10:00am –– for activities at 2:00 pm and after
3. before/at 2:00pm –– for activities at 6:00 pm and after

Extreme Conditions
At time of “extreme conditions” possibly announced by the Government after a super typhoon, employees and other relevant persons are advised to stay in the place they are currently in or in safe places.

The activities will normally be held as scheduled when Typhoon Signal No. 3 or below is in force  or  when Red / Amber Rainstorm Signal is in force.

2. Remote working and purely online activities can go ahead as planned, if relevant persons are in safe places.

3. General public announcements from the Education Bureau do NOT apply.


As necessary, you may contact us for information:
Tel:  +852-37522297 ,  email:


八號或以上颱風信號 / 極端情況 / 黑色暴雨警告信號下
DQS 香港辦公室的 現場培訓課程、現場考試、和辦公運作 的安排指引


警告發出 – 在活動時間開始前
1.  上午六時三十分  —  適用於下午二時前的活動
2. 上午十時  —  適用於下午二時至六時的活動
3. 下午二時  —  適用於當天所有活動

警告發出 – 在活動時間內
1.  八號或更高颱風信號 / 極端情況  —   所有室外活動終止,進行中的室內活動可能有限度繼續進行
2.  黑色暴雨警告  —  所有室外活動終止,進行中的室內活動將繼續進行

1.  在上午六時三十分或之前除下  —   適用於當天所有活動
2.  在上午十時或之前除下  —   適用於當天下午二時或之後的活動
3.  在下午二時或之前除下  —   適用於下午六時或之後的活動


1.  當三號或以下颱風信號 或 紅/黃色暴雨警告信號 生效時,所有活動通常會如常;

2. 遠程辦公和純網上活動可以按計劃進行,如果相關人員處於安全地方;

3. 教育局發出的一般公告並不適用。


Tel:  +852-37522297 ,email: