Global Presence @ Local Expertise | 全球化服務 @ 本地化評審

DQS Management Systems Solutions (HK) Limited

Subsidiary of DQS Group | 德國體系認證集團 成員

Service and Audit Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English  |  服務和審核語言:普通話、粵語、英文   

As a wholly owned subsidiary of DQS Group, DQS-HK has provided professional management system certification services to customers in Hong Kong, Macau, China, and other Asian countries in the past two decades.

作為總部設於德國法蘭克福的 DQS Group(譯:德國體系認證集團)的全資子公司,DQS-HK(前身為 UL MSS)在過去幾十年裡為香港、澳門、中國、和周邊國家的顧客提供了專業的管理體系認證和審核服務。

Why DQS? | 為甚麼選擇 DQS?

  • DQS’s primary shareholders DIN and UL have a history of over 100 years in industrial standards development.
    DQS 集團的主要股東 德國標準化學會 和 美國保險商試驗室 在行業標準開發上有超過 100年的歷史;
  • DQS’s primary shareholder DGQ is one of the leaders in auditor training and qualification certification.
    DQS 集團的主要股東 德國質量協會 是審核員培訓和資格認證的行業領導者之一;
  • After issuing Germany’s 1st ISO 9001 certificate in 1986, DQS has globally certified appx. 60,000 client sites.
    DQS 在1986年頒發了德國的第一張 ISO 9001 證書後,至今為全球約 60,000 個場地提供了認證;
  • DQS is a Notified Body recognized by EU to provide CE Marking and release service for medical devices
    DQS 是歐盟認可的少數授權機構之一,可以爲醫療設備提供 CE 標誌和批准服務
  • DQS is one of the few Audit Organizations (A.O.) to provide MDSAP service
    DQS 是少數可以提供醫療設備單一審核方案服務的認證機構之一
  • DQS certificates are directly recgonzied by IQNet member Certification Bodies in 34 countries.
    DQS 證書獲得 IQNet 在 34 個國家的成員認證機構的直接互認;
  • DQS is one of the founders of and the sole CB of Germany as member of IQNet.
    DQS 是國際認證聯盟的創始成員,也是來自德國的唯一認證機構代表;
  • IQNet members have issued appx. 1/4 of management system certificates in the world. DQS clients can benefit from multi-recognition between members.
    IQNet 成員發行了世界上大約 1/4 的管理體系認證證書,DQS的客戶可以得益於IQNet成員之間的互認和合作;
  • DQS is 1st Certification Body in Germany accredited by TGA (now DAkkS) for ISO 9001 certification.
    DQS 是德國第一家獲得 TGA(現在的DAkkS)認可提供ISO 9001 認證的機構;
  • DQS is 1st Certification Body accredited by IATF for ISO/TS 16949 Automotive QMS certification in the world.
    DQS 是世界上第一家獲得 IATF 認可提供 ISO/TS 16949 汽車行業質量管理體系認證的機構;
  • DQS issued the 1st IRIS railway certificate in the world.
    DQS 發行了世界上第一張 IRIS 軌道交通管理體系證書;
  • DQS can provide AS 9100 certification with ANAB or DAkkS accreditation.
    DQS可以提供 ANAB 或 DakkS 認可的 AS 9100 航空業質量管理體系認證服務;
  • DQS can provide ISO 27001 ISMS certification with ANAB or DAkkS accreditation.
    DQS可以提供 ANAB 或 DAkkS 認可的 ISO 27001 信息安全管理體系認證服務;
  • DQS has a large number of professional auditors across the globe.
    DQS 的專業審核員遍佈世界各地;
  • DQS is one of few CBs authorized for Together for Sustainability (TfS) audits to chemical industry.
    DQS 是少數幾個被認可爲化工行業提供 TfS 審核的認證機構之一;
  • DQS has professional auditors with proficiency in environment and OHS related regulations in HK, Macau, and Mainland China.
    DQS 配備熟知香港、澳門、和中國內地環保和職安健法規的專業審核員;
  • A large number of leading groups have chosen DQS for their certifications.
    眾多規模領先的國際集團公司選擇了 DQS 的認證服務。

For Construction Contractors in HK | 對於香港的建築承建商

Our Differentiation | 我們的獨特性
As compared to others, DQS-HK

– is 100% specialized in professional management system certifications and audits,
– focuses on product manufacturing and modern service related industries,
– has certification accreditation from varying industrialized countries,
– emphasizes on auditors’ industrial experience,
– emphasizes on the value from audits, to clients’ business excellence, risk control, and corporate governance, and
– emphasizes on the ethic of auditors, and
– emphasizes on the understanding of varying business cultures.


– 是百分百專注於管理體系認證和審核的全球性權威認證機構,
– 專注於產品製造和現代服務相關行業,
– 獲得全球多個先進國家的認可,
– 特別重視審核員的行業經驗,
– 特別重視審核的附帶價值,包括對顧客的績效改善、風險控制和公司管治,
– 特別重視審核員的道德標準,和
– 特別重視對不同公司文化的理解。

Our Re-branding | 我們的品牌調整
Since June 2015, as an effort for re-branding to strengthen our focus on professional management system certification and audit service, and to differentiate the traditional product certification service by UL (one of DQS’s shareholders), our company name has changed to DQS Management Systems Solutions (HK) Limited, without change at shareholder structure. The website and email address have changed respectively, while the office location, and other contact information are remained.

在2015年6月,爲加強我們在管理體系認證和審核的專注,並更好地與 DQS 集團股東之一的 UL 的產品認證進行區分,作爲品牌改善的舉措之一,我們公司的名稱變更爲 DQS Management Systems Solutions (HK) Limited,在此網站簡稱 DQS-HK。網站和電郵地址跟隨變更,而公司地址和其他聯繫方式保持不變。

DQS Management Systems Solutions (HK) Limited

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