Dear customer,

Thank you for your trust in DQS‘ audit and certification services.

To improve our service, we are redesigning our customer satisfaction surveys to a digital approach.
In this approach, we place emphasis on enabling your prompt feedbacks with low effort.

  • Shortly after a future regular audit, you will receive an invitation to evaluate the auditors’ performance.
  • After the service procedure is completed, such as report review or issuance of certificate (when applicable), you will receive a second customer satisfaction survey on DQS’ overall performance.

It will be officially started in January 2022, with pilot run in Dec 2021.
In case that your contact person is changed in the future, kindly inform us for update in time.
In case that you don’t receive the survey, please let us know.

We thank you for openly sharing your feedback with us, which is valuable and important for the continual improvement of our service.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


感谢您对 DQS的审核和认证服务的信任。


  • 在将来的例行审核结束后不久,您将收到对审核员的表现进行评估的邀请;
  • 在服务程序完成后,例如完成报告审批或颁发证书 (如适用) ,您将收到关于 DQS 整体表现的第二次满意度调查。