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[2016.07.25] ISO 45001 DIS2

ISO 45001 職業安全與健康管理體系國際標準草案 (DIS2)

隨着2016年2月發布第一版的標準草案 (DIS1),國際標準組織專案委員會於2016年6月在多倫多會面,討論了近 3000 項在投票期間提交的意見。第一版的 ISO 45001 職業健康與安全的國際標準草案 (DIS1),並未能獲得足夠的票數通過。與會者在閉幕會議中同意,將推動發布第二版的標準草案 (DIS2) ,預期將在2016年12月或2017年初發布。
下一階段的專案委員會會議定於2016年10月,將繼續審查的第一階段投票期間提交剩下的意見,包括部分主要的名詞和定義,例如「工作者」、「參與」、「危害」 等,而在「參與和諮詢」、「認知」 和「分級控制」等也可能會改動。屆時,也將最終確定為第二版 (DIS2) 的內容。現時,最終版本的ISO 45001國際標準預計將在2017年下半年或2018年初發布。

DQS的主要股東之一,德國標準學會(DIN)是德國在國際標準化組織(ISO)的代表成員。DQS-HK將盡快向客戶發布有關 ISO45001 最新發展的信息,予協助客戶更好地規劃管理體系升級。歡迎隨時聯絡我們。

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard -  (DIS2)

Following publication of the 1st DIS in February 2016, the International Committee met in Toronto in June 2016 to discuss over 3,000 comments which had been submitted during the ballot. The first Draft International Standard (DIS) for Occupational Health and Safety, ISO/DIS 45001, has failed to gain the necessary votes for approval. It was agreed at the closing plenary session to move to publication of a 2nd DIS, which is expected in December 2016 or early 2017.

The next Project Committee meeting scheduled for October 2016 will review the remaining comments submitted during the first DIS ballot, including "worker", "participation", "hazard", etc. And the sessions of "Participation and consultation", "awareness" and "the hierarchy of controls" may also be changed. Then, the second DIS is going to be finalized. The final standard publication is now anticipated to be released in the second half of 2017 or early 2018.

DIN, one of the primary shareholders of DQS, is the representative of Germany in ISO. DQS-HK will inform our clients about the coming updates to ISO 45001, to facilitate clients’ planning in management system upgrades. Feel free to contact us for technical supports.