The damages from ESD can be everywhere and anytime, with impact to product and service reliability. As a professional aircraft parts distributor and MRO service provider, Topcast is aware of the associated risk.

Headquartered in HK, Topcast provides OEM and aftermarket aircraft parts, equipment and repair services for a broad range of aircraft types. As announced at its website, Topcast has a global network of 19 offices across Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, the United States and the UK, providing service to customers in over 90 countries and areas.

DQS Academy had the honor to provide an ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014 training course to participants from Topcast Aviation Services Ltd. It’s an action by Topcast to continually improve its service quality and reliability.

With trainer of certified ESD Auditor qualification, the course has addressed the ESD mechanism, discharge models, control approaches, ANSI/ESD S20.20 Standard requirements and certification application. Form the active discussions during the course, the participants have learnt the knowledge in the prevention and control of ESD, in operational processes of manufacturing, storage, transportation, and maintenance. The learning effectiveness was verified with a following exam by DQS Academy.

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由靜電放電而導致破敗可能在任何時間和任何地方發生。它可能影響着產品和服务的可靠性。作為一家專業的飛機零件分銷商和技術維修服務供應商,英之冠 意識到此風險。

總部設於香港,英之冠 為各類飛機提供OEM和配件、設備及維修服務。根據其網頁信息,英之冠 在亞太地區、中東、美洲和英國設有19個辦公室,服務來自全球逾90個國家和地區的客戶。

DQS學堂很榮幸地為來自 英之冠航空服務有限公司 的課程參與者提供 ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014 靜電控制標準培訓。這是該公司作爲持續改進服務品質和可靠性的措施之一。

由具備美國靜電管理學會認可審核員資格的講師進行講解,此課程涵蓋了靜電基礎、放點模式、控制方式、和ANSI/ESD S20.20 標準要求及其認證應用。通過課堂上的積極討論,學員們掌握了涉及製造、倉儲、運輸、和維護等運作過程相關的靜電管理知識。培訓效果通過DQS學堂提供的考試得到驗證。

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