IATF has developed an application called “Common Audit Report Application-CARA”, to create, edit, and share common audit documents in a standardized manner.

CARA is a browser-based application, without required installation by users. The application is not linked to any server or cloud. All created and imported audit data is solely stored in the browser’s internal database of the individual user.

For all IATF 16949 audits from 01 January 2021, use of CARA is mandatory for audit planning and reporting, and the “Audit Manager” by DQS will not be applicable any more for IATF 16949 audits.

  • Audit Planning

DQS will introduce an excel based/word based template to complete the Audit Planning process. After an audit is confirmed, our client will use this template to provide the planning information, before the development and finalization of audit plan.

  • NC Management

The CARA application has a “web based” template that allows customers to respond to NCs in a standardized format.
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  • ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Integrated Audits

For an ISO 9001 audit integrated with IATF 16949, typically we will use one audit approach with above processes and solution for audit planning and reporting.

If you have questions, please reach out to our Customer Service.


IATF已经开发了一个审核报告应用程式 (CARA),用来以标准化的方式创建、编辑和分享审核文档。

CARA是基于浏览器的应用程式,用戶不需要安装。 该程式不会链接到任何服务器或云端,所有创建和导入的审核数据仅存储在用户的浏览器内部数据库中。

自2021年1月1日起进行的所有的IATF 16949审核都必须使用CARA来完成审核策划和报告。DQS的”审核管理者”不再适用于IATF 16949审核。

  • 审核策划

DQS将引入一个基于Excel 或Word的模板来完成审核策划。
在审核确定后,客户可以使用该模板来提供策划信息, 这需要在制定和最终确定审核计划之前进行。

  • 不符合项管理


  • ISO 9001 与 IATF 16949 结合审核

对于一个与IATF 16949结合的 ISO 9001 审核,我们一般采用一个审核的方式,并应用以上过程和方法进行审核策划和报告。



About DQS

DQS is the 1st Certification Body approved by IATF for ISO/TS 16949 certification service, which is replaced by IATF 16949 certification at present.

Meanwhile, DQS Academy provides professional IATF 16949:2016 Internal Auditor and Core Tools Training Courses and Online Skill Test for Internal Auditors.


DQS是全球第一個得到IATF認可向客戶提供ISO/TS 16949(目前已替代爲 IATF 16949)認證服務的機構。
同時,DQS 學堂 提供專業的IATF 16949:2016內審員和核心工具培訓,以及內審員線上技能測試