IATF issued Sanctioned Interpretations to IATF Rules in recent days. One of them is No 26 with important information to certified clients supplying products to IATF OEM customers.

For a surveillance, transfer or recertification audit, if the client does not meet the IATF OEM quality or delivery targets specified in the IATF OEM scorecard(s), the audit time shall be increased by the hours listed in the table below. The additional hours shall be used to review the corrective actions associated with the IATF OEM quality or delivery targets not being met and the associated risk to similar processes / products.

The associated scorecards shall be provided during audit planning months in advance and their latest status will be further reviewed during Pre-Audit Information Verification before Opening Meeting of the audit to determine the need for additional audit hours and quotation revision.

This requirement shall be applied to audits from 30 June 2021. The only exception is if the client can provide evidence of effective implementation of the corrective actions for the performance issues.

Table 附表

Additional Audit Hours vs. Number of IATF OEM customers with targets not being met
額外審核時間  基於  绩效目標未達成的IATF 整車廠顧客數量

Number of employees
1-2 associated IATF OEMs /
1-2個相關IATF 整車廠顧客
3 or more associated IATF OEMs /
3個或以上相關IATF 整車廠顧客
< 500 4 hours 小時6 hours 小時
500 - 30005 hours 小時7 hours 小時
> 3000 6 hours 小時8 hours 小時

IATF OEMs / IATF 整車製造商 (up to Apr 9, 2021):
BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, Geely Group, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Limited,  Groupe Renault, Stellantis (ex FCA), Stellantis (ex PSA), and Volkswagen AG.

國際汽車工作組 (IATF) 在近日發布了IATF規則的認可解釋。 其中之一是第26條,跟向IATF 整車廠顧客供貨的被認證組織直接相關。

對於監督、轉換或再認證審核,如果組織不符合IATF整車廠顧客記分卡中指定的質量或交付目標,則審核時間應按上表增加小時數。 增加的時間應用於檢查與IATF整車廠顧客的質量或交付目標未達成相關的糾正措施,以及對類似過程/產品的相關風險。




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