After a successful audit in March 2018, DQS is delighted to issue the ISO 37001:2016 certificate to VIVO Energy. We would like to congratulate the entire VIVO Energy team on their successful implementation of their anti-bribery management energy iso 37001 certificate

WHAT IS ISO 37001:2016?

ISO 37001:2016 standard guides organisations to establish, implement, maintain, review and improve an ABMS to reduce and manage the risk of bribery. This is a generic standard that can be implemented in all organisations, regardless of the industry or size. It can also be easily integrated into existing management systems.


An ABMS provides guidance to prevent bribery and take appropriate action should instances of attempted bribery occur.  An implemented ABMS according to ISO 37001 can protect companies’ reputation and ensure investor and customer confidence.


The audit at Vivo Energy was successfully conducted in March 2018. Ms. Mari van Wyk, responsible for the implementation of ISO 37001, describes the experience as follows: “DQS was our chosen certification partner and from the start, it was clear why they are the best. The audit team were a senior, experienced team, which shows DQS’s commitment to their clients. The team was extremely helpful and professional, which made our “daunting” audit a pleasant experience. They guided us every step of the way and were also willing to ask the hard and difficult questions. DQS assisted us with the readiness assessment, which helped us to be adequately prepared for the actual certification. In short, we were Happy as Larry with their service.”

Behzad Sadegh, the ISO 37001 product manager at DQS, was very pleased with the result of the certification audit. The anti-bribery awareness has risen significantly within the past few years. The ability to be transparent has become increasingly important for companies such as VIVO Energy. Accordingly, we are seeing a strong upsurge in the demand for ISO 37001 certification. Through value-adding assessments, we support our clients in their mission to minimize the risk of bribery from internal and external influences.


For customers interested in the ISO 37001 standard, we offer the following services:

Referenced Source: DQS CFS


在2018年3月成功進行審核後,DQS很高興向 VIVO 能源 頒發了 ISO 37001:2016 認證證書。 我們要祝賀整個 VIVO 能源 團隊成功實施其反賄賂管理系統。


有見及此,DQS學堂先後舉辦了內外部的ISO 37001:2016 防止賄賂管理體系培訓。此課程的參與者有包括具香港廉政公署 (ICAC) 豐富過往工作經驗的人員國際玩具工業理事會 “關愛” 基金(ICTI)的人員著名電子消費產品製造商、及食品分銷商的員工。

此課程涵蓋了防止賄賂管理體系標準及認證要求賄賂監控中的典型 “紅旗” 警示跡象及本地相關條例的討論,目的是為發展學員依照 ISO 37001:2016 建立和防賄管理體系和策劃內部審核的技能。通過多個防止賄賂管理中的案例,參與者廣泛討論了防賄管理體系中的最佳實踐方法。培訓效果通過隨即的 DQS學堂 的在線考試得到驗證。