The application of digitalization and AI has become wider and wider in our business operations and daily life. On the other hand, the threats and damages from information breaches are also increasing. Information security management becomes a minimum effort of due diligence for a responsible and reliable organization, for the purpose of business sustainability.

From recent years, the privacy information management has become an important part of information security management, following the release of privacy information associated laws in many countries, such as GDPR in EU, CCPA in USA, Network Security Law in Mainland China and PDPO in HK. Specially, the wide use of digitalization has made the risk higher for breach of personal data in batch. In recent days, some companies in China are also being investigated by the government due to potential breach of personal data associated laws.

On the other hand, the growing concern on information security doesn’t lower the importance of quality management to a sustainable service, with aim for customer satisfaction and business excellence.

As an intelligence inspection service provider, RaSpect is aware of the importance of information security, privacy information security and quality management to their business, and entrusted DQS with audit and certification service against ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standard, ISO 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System Standard, and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard.

About RaSpect

With a mission is to create a safer, smarter society through AI inspection technology, RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited is an AI-powered predictive inspection company for architecture.  With Alibaba as one of its investors, RaSpect is developing a brain of inspection with purpose to improve the safety of architectures and reduce the economic loss and human life.

Support by DQS

  • DQS Academy is delivering public training courses to help customers understand the standard.




作為一家智能檢測服務提供商,維視拍 深知資訊安全、隱私資訊安全和質量管理對其業務的重要性,並委任DQS為其提供審核和認證服務,包括 ISO 27001:2013 資訊安全管理體系認證、ISO 27701:2019 私隱資訊管理體系認證 和 ISO 9001:2015 品質管理系統認證。


維視拍是一家人工智能驅動的建築物預測性檢測公司,其使命是通過 人工智能檢測技術創造一個更安全、更智能的社會。以阿里巴巴作為其投資者之一,維視拍正在開發檢測智能系統,旨在提高建築物的安全性、減少經濟和人命損失。

DQS 的專業服務:

  • DQS學堂 提供培訓課程,協助客戶理解標準要求。