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[HK], [May 10, 2022] – DQS Group is online with its new website: The relaunch of the homepage is in line with the new, globally uniform brand strategy: under the claim “Simply leveraging Quality.”, DQS positions itself as an international thought leader that offers its customers meaningful added value and a seamless customer experience through audits and certifications of processes and management systems.

“In an increasingly complex and dynamic world, people and organizations find it increasingly difficult to obtain stability and a sense of purpose. As a certification body, we can help to create trust, security, and orientation,” explains Ingo M. Rübenach, Managing Director of DQS Holding GmbH. “In order to meet this responsibility, we decided to analyze our brand presence and adapt it to the requirements of a digital business world. The result is our new brand strategy, uniform across around 60 countries which is reflected in the website for the first time, but will shape our actions for years to come.”

The DQS brand: Ambitious, competent, dynamic

In today’s agile and uncertain world, people and organizations are increasingly losing their clarity and orientation: highly professional, often state-sponsored actors are causing confusion online with targeted disinformation campaigns and deceptively genuine deep fakes. And even beyond the realm of the digital, more and more criminals are taking advantage of the increasing complexity to enrich themselves with fake products, fake news, or sophisticated social engineering.

Trust is the most valuable currency

In online and offline business, trust thus becomes the most valuable currency, and a proven way to earn the trust of customers and partners is to have one’s processes audited and certified by reliable third parties. For this purpose, DQS positions itself as a competent and learned partner that understands its customers’ processes, contributes to their success with practicable impetus, and generates tangible added value on many levels with audits and certifications:

  • Certificates provide a robust foundation for organizations to gain credibility and build trusting customer relationships – and, conversely, help customers and consumers to quickly and reliably evaluate suppliers, products, and services in a dynamic world.
  • Certificates are a prerequisite for successful market access in an increasing number of industries and segments: an IATF 16949 certification, for example, is indispensable for suppliers in the automotive industry, just as an ISO 13485 certification is for manufacturers of medical devices.
  • Certifications are a valuable sign of quality and differentiation in the market, for example when organizations document the high value placed on sustainability with proof of environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001 – a weighty argument for many customers in times of climate change, and rightly so.
  • Being open to new ideas, DQS enables organizations to improve their processes for the benefit of their customers and to set the course for simple, smooth certification and a high quality customer experience with innovative solutions.

A website for your knowledge advantage in more than 20 languages

“The relaunch of our website is an important milestone for us: From now on, we present ourselves on our homepage as a sustainable and modern brand that is known for quality in service as well as for innovation and intelligent approaches to digital solutions,” explains DQS manager Rübenach. “And also with a view to the rapidly advancing globalization of our business, the relaunch represents an important step forward for us: from now on, we will offer visitors all over the world the same broad range of information and the same high usability in more than 20 languages. This reinforces our claim to be a reliable partner for customers around the world when it comes to continuously improving management systems and processes.”

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新的 DQS 网站上线

[香港],[2022 年 5 月 10 日] – DQS 集团新网站上线:重新推出主页符合全球统一的新品牌战略:在”Simply leveraging Quality”(“简单地撬动品质”) 的主张下,DQS 定位自己作为国际思路的引领者,通过对流程和管理系统的审核和认证,为客户提供有意义的附加值和无缝的客户体验。

“在一个日益复杂和动态的世界中,人们和组织发现越来越难以获得稳定性和目标感。作为认证机构,我们可以帮助建立信任、安全和方向,” DQS 集团执行总裁 Ingo M. Rübenach 解释说。 “为了履行这一责任,我们决定分析我们的品牌形象并使其适应数字商业世界的要求。结果是我们的新品牌战略,在大约 60 个国家/地区统一,并首次反映在网站上,但将塑造我们未来几年的行动。”

DQS 品牌:雄心勃勃、能干、充满活力



在线上和线下业务中,信任因此成为最有价值的货币,而赢得客户和合作伙伴信任的行之有效的方法是让可靠的第三方审核和认证自己的流程。为此,DQS 将自己定位为一个称职且博学的合作伙伴,了解其客户的流程,以切实可行的动力为他们的成功做出贡献,并通过审核和认证在多个层面产生切实的附加值:

证书为组织获得信誉和建立信任的客户关系提供了坚实的基础 – 反过来,帮助客户和消费者在动态世界中快速可靠地评估供应商、产品和服务。
证书是在越来越多的行业和细分市场中成功进入市场的先决条件:例如,IATF 16949 认证对于汽车行业的供应商来说是必不可少的,正如 ISO 13485 认证对于医疗设备制造商而言一样。
认证是市场上质量和差异化的重要标志,例如,当组织通过符合 ISO 14001 的环境管理证明来记录对可持续性的高度重视时——这是气候变化时期许多客户的重要论据,这是正确的.
DQS 对新想法持开放态度,使组织能够改进其流程以造福客户,并通过创新解决方案为简单、顺利的认证和高质量的客户体验奠定基础。

超过 20 种语言的知识优势网站

“我们网站的重新启动对我们来说是一个重要的里程碑:从现在开始,我们在主页上将自己展示为一个可持续的现代品牌,以服务质量以及数字解决方案的创新和智能方法而闻名,”解释说DQS 经理 Rübenach。 “同时考虑到我们业务快速推进的全球化,重新启动对我们来说是向前迈出的重要一步:从现在开始,我们将为世界各地的访问者提供同样广泛的信息和同样的高可用性。超过 20 种语言。在不断改进管理系统和流程方面,这加强了我们作为全球客户可靠合作伙伴的主张。”

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