To upgrade the security level of our email system, DQS has started to use Microsoft 365 as a harmonized email service for all affiliates in the world. Accordingly, the email addresses of DQS HK will be changed to from Sep 1, 2021.

During the transition period until Oct 31, 2021, the emails to the former email addresses ( will be forwarded to the associated new email addresses.

Thanks for your kind attention.

為了提升我們電子郵件系統的安全性,DQS 在全球所有附属公司使用 微軟365 作為統一的電子郵件服務。因此,DQS HK 的電子郵件地址將從 2021 年 9 月 1 日更改為

在目前至2021 年 10 月3 1 日的過渡期內,發送到原地址 ( 的電子郵件將被轉發到關聯的新郵件地址。