Project Description

ISO 28000:2007 – Make a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating supply chain security.

ISO 28000 is a security standard for all organizations that are part of a supply chain; starting with production, warehousing, distribution (to include the entire chain of transport by road, rail, sea, or air), all the way through to the recipient. With the implementation of a security management system according to ISO 28000, an organization improves reliability and security throughout the entire chain of supply. High-value merchandise or hazardous goods can be transported around the globe and stored more safely.

The standard is designed for organizations wanting to improve their safety processes in regards to prevention, implementation, traceability, and documentation. Furthermore, a security management system contributes significantly to increasing security awareness on all levels of the organization. Safety standards that have already been implemented (AEO, C-TPAT, TAPA, etc.) can be bundled into one comprehensive system according to ISO 28000. Internationally active organizations thus achieve faster, more cost-effective, and better documented processing of their day-to-day business.

Advantages and opportunities:

  • Reduction of theft, vandalism, criminal acts, etc.
  • Implementation of appropriate security measures, after an analysis of risk
  • Increase security for value-generating processes (e.g. storage processes)
  • Bundling of various international security initiatives (ISPS, AEO, TAPA, …)
  • Improved customer confidence and less risk of liability

Key Perspectives 主要範疇:

  • Container Security 貨櫃安全
  • Access Control 門禁管理
  • Personnel Security 人員安全
  • Procedural Security 程序安全
  • Security Training and Threat Awareness 安全培訓及威脅意識
  • Physical Security 實體安全
  • Information Technology Security 資訊科技安全
  • Business Partner Requirement 商業合作夥伴管理

Comparison with related Schemes