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Supplier Audits

Audits are a crucial part of a customer-supplier partnership. It certifies the quality and delivery processes. Supplier audits can be used as a key element for the annual supplier evaluation

With the globalization of markets, suppliers are often located around the world. DQS has offices all over the world with experienced auditors span around the globe. Our auditors have deep expertise from all industries. They will guaranteed to provide you with specific technical knowledge of your sector as well as your products or services. DQS is your partner for providing consistent and high-value supplier audits throughout the world.

Advantages with local auditors:

  • Low cost;
  • Deep knowledge of a country’s culture and language
  • Detailed and differentiating insight into local markets which would encourage and support your suppliers depending on local circumstances

DQS supplier audit uses corporate guidelines and provides transparency along the whole supply chain. Our supplier audits will grant you assess the performance of your suppliers against specific requirements defined by you. This allows your own production process to be more stable and your organization maintaining a competitive edge.

Audit Scope

The supplier audits may cover quality, environment, OHS, social accountability, ethics, anti-bribery, food safety, information security, privacy management, PPAP, etc.

We can work together with you to develop a tailor-made audit programme suitable for your needs.

Additional benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced costs and improved margins by reviewing your portfolio and prevent supply shortages;
  • Quality improvement or refinement with your organization and supply chain;
  • Sets a performance benchmark to help recognize if the standard you demand is met or can be met in the long run
  • Systematically create competition for suppliers with single-source standing and improve your negotiating position
  • Improves your organization’s image and client confidence
  • Maintains competitive edge because you can provide evidence of the quality required by your future customer through our audits







  • 低成本
  • 對當地的文化及語言有深入認識
  • 對當地的市場有著鑒別於非當地人的詳細見解並能根據情況給您的供應商支援






  • 通過審查您的投資組合來降低成本並提高利潤率並防止供應短缺
  • 在貴組織和供應鏈的質量上加以改進或完善化
  • 設置一個表現基準,以幫助識別您的要求是否滿足或可以長期滿足
  • 有系統地為具有單一來源身份的供應商創造競爭,並改善您的交涉條件
  • 改善組織的形象和客戶信心
  • 通過我們的審核提供為未來客戶所需質量的證據而保持競爭優勢
Supplier Audit Brochure

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