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Testing Standards for Surgical Masks

At present, DQS HK is NOT providing product testing service, and the following information is for reference only.

ASTM F2100-19
ASTM F2100-19ItemsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Barrier TestingBFE
ASTM F2101
≥ 95%≥ 98%>= 98%
ASTM F2299
≥ 95%>= 98%>= 98%
Synthetic Blood
ASTM F1862, ISO22609
Pass at 80 mmHgPass at 120 mmHgPass at 160 mmHg
Physical TestingDifferential Pressure
EN 14683
< 5.0 mm H2O/square cm< 6.0 mm H2O/square cm< 6.0 mm H2O/square cm
Safety TestingFlammability
16 CFR Part 1610
Class 1 (≥ 3.5 seconds)Class 1 (≥ 3.5 seconds)Class 1 (≥ 3.5 seconds)
Required samplesTotal for above testsAppx. 55 pcsAppx. 55 pcsAppx. 55 pcs
EN 14683:2019
EN 14683:2019ItemsType IType IIType IIR
Barrier TestingBFE
Annex B
≥ 95%≥ 98%>= 98%
Splash Resistance Pressure
ISO 22609
>= 16.0 K Pa
Physical TestingDifferential Pressure
Annex C
< 40 Pa/square cm< 40 Pa/square cm< 60 Pa/square cm
Safety TestingMicrobial Cleanliness
ISO 11737
<= 30 cfu/g<= 30 cfu/g<= 30 cfu/g
Required samplesTotal for above testsappx. 55 pcsappx. 55 pcsappx. 55 pcs
Biocompatibility tests against ISO 10993
細胞毒 ISO 10993-5:2009
  ISO 10993-10:2010
Required Samplesappx. 60 pcs
Bacterial Tests

For surgical masks, Bacterial Tests against GB15979-2002 may be considered, including:
Total Bacterial Count (細菌菌落總數), Coliforms (大腸菌群), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (銅綠假單胞菌), Staphylococcus aureus (金黃色葡萄球菌), Hemolytic streptococci (溶血性鏈球菌), Total Fungal Count (真菌菌落總數).

The required sample size is appx. 30 pcs in one box.

Note:  The Custom Dept of HK Government has implemented similar tests on the samples from the surgical masks in the market, according to Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance.


Above information is for reference only and may not be up-to-date when you read it, which is not intended to be used for your decision making.


ISO 13485 Certification
CE Marking


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