Project Description

Quality Management System standard for telecommunication industry

QuEST Forum (Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecom Leadership) was established by leading companies in telecommunication industry. Based on ISO 9001 and some existing industrial standards, QuEST Forum established TL 9000 standard. The standard includes management system requirements and measurable performance indicators. The system requirements includes those for hardware, software, and service, and the performance indicators cover all telecommunication product categories.

Achieving TL 9000 certification becomes an entry barrier and competitive advantage for being an qualified supplier to a large number of telecommunication giants in ICT and IoT industry.

QuEST 協會 (Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecom Leadership) 由電信通訊業內的著名公司建立。 QuEST 協會以ISO 9001為基礎,參照現有通訊業標準,制定出TL 9000標準。該標準包含了體統標準與績效測量指標。體系標準包括硬體、軟體及服務三個類別,績效指標涵蓋了目前通訊產業各種產品類別,兩者組成了 TL 9000 整體要求。取得 TL9000 認證是成為眾多電信通訊行業巨頭的合格供應商的門檻和招牌。

DQS provides following certification options (or any combination of them):

  • TL 9000-H (hardware)
  • TL 9000-S (software)
  • TL 9000-V (service)

DQS 提供如下註冊選擇(或其任意組合):

  • TL 9000-H(硬體管理體系要求及度量制)
  • TL 9000-S (軟體管理體系要求及度量制)
  • TL 9000-V (服務管理體系要求及度量制)

Accreditation for DQS’s TL9000 certification | DQS的TL 9000 認證獲得權威的認可:

DQS is one of 1st certification bodies providing TL 9000 certification with full qualifications. Extraordinally, DQS HK branch has a large number of most experienced TL 9000 auditors to address the demands in the Greater China.

DQS 屬於首批具有全權資格提供TL 9000的認證機構,DQS香港公司更是罕有地擁有資深的 TL 9000 審核員,予滿足大中華地區的客戶需求。