IFS Broker Standard is applicable to trading companies without direct contact with the food products, household and personal care products, packaging materials, or a combination of these items.

IFS Broker Standard Ver 3 has been released by IFS in Jun 2019. The new version reflects the changing expectations of the market with regard to product safety. Certified sites need to be aware of a number of new requirements, particularly in relation to food fraud mitigation and risk assessments.

Primary Changes

The important changes to Version 3 of IFS Broker Standard include:

  • New requirements for food fraud mitigation:
    Section 4.7 of the standard, focusing on food fraud, is entirely new. It requires certified sites to conduct a food fraud vulnerability assessment for all purchased products. Based on this vulnerability assessment, the site shall develop and implement a documented food fraud mitigation plan, which needs to monitor and control all identified risks. Sites are also required to ensure that their suppliers meet these same requirements.
  • More detailed requirements for the risk management system:
    The expectations for the risk management system have been expanded. The revised requirements are listed in section 2.3. While many of the requirements stand in continuity with the previous version, we recommend certified sites to evaluate whether their current risk management approach complies with the requirements of IFS Broker 3.
  • Unannounced audits:
    Due to the increasing requirements of the market, IFS has decided to create a process for unannounced audits against the IFS Broker Standard. Unannounced audits remain optional. The process is described in Part 5 of the standard.

Besides these changes, there are many small changes and adjustments to the standard, most of which are intended to improve readability and clarity.

Transition Timeline

  • Before January 2, 2020: Version 2 remains the only valid version.
  • Between January 2 and Jun 30, 2020: companies can choose to be audited to Version 2 or Version 3.
  • From July 1, 2020: all audits will be according to Version 3.

Supports by DQS

DQS provides IFS Broker audits and certifications service recognized by IFS. On the other hand, DQS Academy provides foods safety related professional training courses.

Referenced source: DQS CFS.