Will it soon be possible to conduct IFS Broker certification audits remotely? Probably yes.

In June 2020, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) changed its guidelines on the use of ICT for auditing purposes, which enabled scheme owners like IFS to develop protocols for partially remote audits. The full protocols are expected to be released in Q3 2020.

IFS is developing plans to make remote audits permanently possible, regardless of how the current pandemic evolves. The first IFS scheme to be potentially audited remotely will be IFS Broker certifications. Sites certified to IFS Broker Standard can choose to have their annual audit entirely remotely, if agreed with the certification body. For other IFS Standards focus more on good manufacturing practices, IFS is considering the possibility of partial remote audits.

IFS Broker Standard

IFS Broker Standard is applicable to trading companies without direct contact with the food products, household and personal care products, packaging materials, or a combination of these items. IFS Broker Standard Ver 3 has been released by IFS in Jun 2019.

Supports by DQS

DQS provides IFS Broker audits and certifications service recognized by IFS. At DQS, we are ready to serve our customers with remote IFS Broker audits after the publication of such rules.
On the other hand, DQS Academy provides foods safety related professional training courses.

Referenced source: DQS CFS.