Effective from Jul 15, 2021, Remote/Virtual Audits (RVA) will be allowed for TAPA FSR and TSR new Certification and Recertification Audits in APAC, when an on-site audit is not possible due to the travel and safety restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Some, but not all, conditions for the RVA are listed below:

  • TAPA shall be notified by IAB for a tracking number in advance.
  • ICT platform should be tested in advance of the audit.
  • A mobile ICT device with good signal connectivity must be available for a general tour/walk-around of the operation.
  • For a Recertification with RVA, the previous Interim Audit and/or Certification audit reports shall be reviewed by IAB in advance.
  • For a new Certification with RVA, a Self-Audit report shall be reviewed by the IAB in advance.

For a new Certification with RVA,  a certificate will be issued with validity for ONE year from the date of the audit, after the approval for the report by Tapa APAC.

The continued need for this temporary solution and guideline will be reviewed by TAPA from time to time.

Service by DQS / DQS的服務

DQS is one of the few global IABs recognized by Tapa in the world. DQS HK provides TAPA FSR 2020 and TSR 2020 certification and training service in APAC. Feel free to contact us for the service you need.

DQS是世界上為數不多的獲得Tapa認可的全球性獨立審核機構之一。DQS香港可在亞太地區提供TAPA FSR 2020和TSR 2020的認證培訓服務。如有相關服務需要,請聯繫我們