Travel restrictions and the risk of COVID-19 infection have a significant impact on social auditing. As a result, some audits have been postponed or cancelled. With the Sedex Virtual Assessment, we have an alternative to the traditional on-site social audit. As an approved Sedex audit body, we are ready to execute Sedex Virtual Assessments across the globe.

The Sedex Virtual Assessment covers the same aspects as a SMETA-audit, and is designed as the alternative for situations in which it is not possible to execute an on-site audit. As an Affiliate Audit Company, DQS was heavily involved in the development process of the Sedex Virtual Assessment.

Who can use Sedex Virtual Assessment?

A Sedex Virtual Assessment can be used for initial audits, periodic audits and follow-up audits. However, not all sites are eligible for a virtual assessment. When a site requests a virtual assessment, the audit company must evaluate whether the site meets the preconditions. These include, but are not limited to the following operational criteria:

  • All areas of the site must be able to be visited, unless it is forbidden for mobile phones to enter parts of the site due to combustion issues or for sensitive commercial reasons.
  • There is internet connectivity across all areas of the site.
  • The site is running at sufficient capacity for the auditor to be able to gain a full picture of the site and the diversity of its workforce on the day.

Most importantly, the auditor needs to be able to speak with the workers. To have a Virtual Assessment, either group worker interviews or Direct Worker Reporting (or both) will be needed. If neither of these are possible, then the Sedex Virtual Assessment cannot happen.

The Assessment Process

Because the Sedex Virtual Assessment requires some preparation, it is always an announced assessment – never unannounced or semi-announced. During the preparation phase, the use of ICT technology is tested by the auditor and the site. There is also a document review that precedes the actual assessment.

How DQS Can Support?

DQS is one of the Sedex Affiliate Audit Companies. As a member of the Sedex Virtual Assessment Working Group, we have contributed to the development of the assessment method. With social auditors across the globe, we are ready to help you ensure social compliance throughout the supply chain and across all industry sectors.

 Who is Sedex?

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is one of the world’s largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, used by more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries. With an estimated 230,000 audited sites, SMETA may well be the most widely used ethical audit format in the world.

Service of DQS

As an effort for the industries’ sustainable development, DQS is a member of the Sedex Associate Auditor Group and has SMETA auditors across the world for Sedex Audit service.
On the other hand, DQS Academy provides EHS related professional training courses.
旅行限制和感染 COVID-19 的風險對社會責任審核帶來重大影響,並令到一些審核被推遲或取消。通過 Sedex 遠程審核,我們可以替代傳統的現場社會審核。作為經批准的 Sedex 審核機構,我們已準備好在全球範圍內執行 Sedex 遠程審核。

Sedex遠程審核涵蓋與 SMETA 審核相同的方面,旨在作為無法進行現場審核的情況的替代方案。作為授權審核公司,DQS 積極參與 Sedex 遠程審核的開發過程。

誰可以使用 Sedex 遠程審核?

Sedex 遠程審核可用於初始審核、定期審核和跟進審核。但是,並非所有場地都有資格進行遠程審核。當場地要求進行遠程審核時,審核公司必須評估場地是否滿足先決條件。這些包括但不限於以下標準:

  • 必須能夠查訪場地的所有區域,除非由於燃燒問題或敏感的商業原因禁止手機進入場地的某些部分;
  • 場地的所有區域都有互聯網連接;
  • 場地的運行能夠讓審核員能夠全面了解現場及其當天員工的多樣性。

最重要的是,審核員需要能夠與工人交談。要進行遠程審核,需要團體工人面談或直接工人報告(或兩者)。不然,Sedex 遠程審核就無法進行。


因為 Sedex 遠程審核需要一些準備,所以它始終是一個事先宣布的審核——而非突擊或半突擊審核。在準備階段,審核員和現場會測試資訊溝通技術工具的使用。在實際審核之前先進行一個文件評審。


DQS 是 Sedex 批准的審核公司之一。作為 Sedex 遠程審核工作組的成員,我們為審核方法的發展做出了貢獻。我們擁有遍布全球的社會責任審核員,隨時準備幫助您確保供應鍊和各行業的社會責任合規性。


供應商商業道德信息交流機制(SEDEX) 是世界上最大的分享供應鏈中的負責任採購信息的協作平台之一。Sedex 擁有來自150多個國家合共超過50,000名會員。在全球有近230,000個受審核場地,SMETA 可能是世界上最被廣泛使用的道德審核模式。


致力於業界的可持續性發展,DQS 是 Sedex 授權審核組織 的成員之一,提供Sedex 審核服務的審核資源分佈全球各地。
DQS 學堂提供EHS相關專業培訓課程


Note: SMETA is trade mark of Sedex.