Typical Certification Roadmap 典型的認證流程

is shown in below image 如下圖所示。

Nevertheless, there may be specific certification rules for certain standards. 然而,個別標準可能有特定的認證規則。

DQS-HK certification roadmap

Management System Operation Period 管理體系運行時間

Before the Stage 1 Readiness Review, typically the management system shall have be established and implemented for at least 3 months, and an internal audit and management review against the standard requirements have been completed. (Certification for certain standard may require longer period of operation.)


Consulting Service 咨詢服務 ?

For impartiality, a certification body shall not provide consulting service to help its certification client build up management system.
The client going for certification can choose DQS’ progressing training courses to understand standard requirements and build up management system by company colleagues, and use DQS’ Gap Analysis Assessment service to improve management system before official Certification Audit.

準備取得認證的客戶可以選擇DQS 的漸進式培訓課程來理解標準要求和自行建立管理體系,並通過DQS提供的差距分析評審來在正式認證審核前完善管理體系。


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