DQS Academy (HK) provides Minitab application training and licensed Minitab software via official channel, a powerful statistical tool widely used for product and service improvement.
DQS學堂 (HK) 提供 Minitab 應用培訓 和經 Minitab 官方渠道提供正版軟件,一個功能強大的廣泛用於產品和服務改善的統計工具

 “In God we trust, all others bring data.”   — Dr. Deming
 “上帝,我們信任; 其他的看數據。”    — 戴明 博士 

Minitab Statistical Software 統計軟件
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One year / 1 年
(Renewable 可以續期)

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MT-S3Single-user License
Three years / 3 年
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Feature List

* New or Improved in 2019 – 2020

Predictive Analytics*

  • CART® Classification*
  • CART® Regression*


  • Measurement systems analysis *
  • Capability analysis
  • Graphical analysis
  • Hypothesis tests
  • Regression
  • DOE
  • Control charts  *


  • Scatterplots, matrix plots, boxplots, dotplots, histograms, charts, time series plots, etc.
  • Contour and rotating 3D plots
  • Probability and probability distribution plots
  • Automatically update graphs as data change
  • Brush graphs to explore points of interest
  • Export: TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EMF

Basic Statistics

  • Descriptive statistics
  • One-sample Z-test, one- and two-sample t-tests, paired t-test
  • One and two proportions tests
  • One- and two-sample Poisson rate tests
  • One and two variances tests
  • Correlation and covariance
  • Normality test
  • Outlier test
  • Poisson goodness-of-fit test


  • Linear and nonlinear regression
  • Binary, ordinal and nominal logistic regression *
  • Stability studies
  • Partial least squares
  • Orthogonal regression *
  • Poisson regression
  • Plots: residual, factorial, contour, surface, etc.
  • Stepwise and best subsets
  • Response prediction and optimization
  • Validation for Regression and Binary Logistic Regression*

Analysis of Variance

  • General linear models *
  • Mixed models *
  • Multiple comparisons *
  • Response prediction and optimization *
  • Test for equal variances
  • Plots: residual, factorial, contour, surface, etc.
  • Analysis of means

Measurement Systems Analysis

  • Data collection worksheets
  • Gage R&R Crossed *
  • Gage R&R Nested *
  • Gage R&R Expanded *
  • Gage run chart
  • Gage linearity and bias
  • Type 1 Gage Study
  • Attribute Gage Study
  • Attribute agreement analysis

Quality Tools

  • Run chart
  • Pareto chart
  • Cause-and-effect diagram
  • Variables control charts: XBar, R, S, XBar-R, XBar-S, I, MR, I-MR, I-MR-R/S, zone, Z-MR
  • Attributes control charts: P, NP, C, U, Laney P’ and U’
  • Time-weighted control charts: MA, EWMA, CUSUM
  • Multivariate control charts: T2, generalized variance, MEWMA
  • Rare events charts: G and T
  • Historical/shift-in-process charts
  • Box-Cox and Johnson transformations
  • Individual distribution identification
  • Process capability: normal, non-normal, attribute, batch
  • Process Capability SixpackTM
  • Tolerance intervals *
  • Acceptance sampling and OC curves
  • Multi-Vari chart
  • Variability Chart*

Design of Experiments

  • Definitive screening designs *
  • Plackett-Burman designs
  • Two-level factorial designs
  • Split-plot designs
  • General factorial designs *
  • Response surface designs *
  • Mixture designs
  • D-optimal and distance-based designs
  • Taguchi designs
  • User-specified designs
  • Analyze variability for factorial designs
  • Botched runs
  • Effects plots: normal, half-normal, Pareto *
  • Response prediction and optimization
  • Plots: residual, main effects, interaction, cube, contour, surface, wireframe


  • Parametric and nonparametric distribution analysis *
  • Goodness-of-fit measures
  • Exact failure, right-, left-, and interval-censored data
  • Accelerated life testing
  • Regression with life data
  • Test plans
  • Threshold parameter distributions
  • Repairable systems
  • Multiple failure modes
  • Probit analysis
  • Weibayes analysis
  • Plots: distribution, probability, hazard, survival
  • Warranty analysis

Power and Sample Size

  • Sample size for estimation
  • Sample size for tolerance intervals *
  • One-sample Z, one- and two-sample t
  • Paired t
  • One and two proportions
  • One- and two-sample Poisson rates
  • One and two variances
  • Equivalence tests
  • One-Way ANOVA
  • Two-level, Plackett-Burman and general full factorial designs
  • Power curves


  • Principal components analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Item analysis and Cronbach’s alpha

Time Series and Forecasting

  • Time series plots
  • Trend analysis
  • Decomposition
  • Moving average
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Winters’ method
  • Auto-, partial auto-, and cross correlation functions


  • Sign test
  • Wilcoxon test
  • Mann-Whitney test
  • Kruskal-Wallis test
  • Mood’s median test
  • Friedman test
  • Runs test

Equivalence Tests

  • One- and two-sample, paired
  • 2×2 crossover design


  • Chi-square, Fisher’s exact, and other tests
  • Chi-square goodness-of-fit test
  • Tally and cross tabulation

Simulations and Distributions

  • Random number generator
  • Probability density, cumulative distribution, and inverse cumulative distribution functions
  • Random sampling

Macros and Customization

  • Customizable menus and toolbars
  • Extensive preferences and user profiles
  • Powerful scripting capabilities
  • Python integration*


* 表示在2019-2020年新功能或強化功能


  • CART® 分類*
  • CART® 回歸*

分析小幫手 (Assistant)

  • 測量系統分析 (MSA) *
  • 製程能力分析 (Capability analysis)
  • 圖形分析 (Graphical analysis)
  • 假設檢定 (Hypothesis tests)
  • 迴歸 (Regression)
  • 實驗設計 (DOE)
  • 管制圖 (Control charts) *

圖形 (Graphics)

  • 散佈圖 (Scatterplots), 矩陣圖 (Matrix plots), 盒形圖 (Boxplots), 點圖 (Dotplots), 直方圖 (Histograms), 圖 (Charts),
    時間序列圖 (Time series plots) 等
  • 等高線圖 (Contour) 和可旋轉的 3D 圖
  • 機率圖 (Probability) 和機率分佈圖 (Probability distribution plots
  • 資料更動時自動更新圖形 (Automatically update graphs as data change)
  • 筆刷工具探索圖上有興趣的資料點 (Brush graphs to explore points of interest)
  • 圖形可輸出為:TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EMF

基本統計 (Basic Statistics)

  • 敘述性統計 (Descriptive statistics)
  • 單樣本 Z 檢定 (One-sample Z-test), 單樣本和兩樣本 t 檢定
    (One- and two-sample t-tests), 成對 t 檢定 (Paired t-test)
  • 單樣本和兩樣本比例檢定 (One and two proportions tests)
  • 單樣本和兩樣本 (One- and two-sample Poisson rate tests)
  • 單樣本和兩樣本變異數檢定 (One and two variances tests)
  • 相關性和共變異數 (Correlation and covariance)
  • 常態檢定 (Normality test)
  • 離群值檢定 (Outlier test)
  • Poisson 適合度檢定 (Poisson goodness-of-fit test)

迴歸分析 (Regression)

  • 線性和非線性迴歸 (Linear and nonlinear regression)
  • 二元, 序數和名目邏輯斯迴歸
    (Binary, ordinal and nominal logistic regression) *
  • 安定性研究 (Stability studies)
  • 偏最小平方法 (Partial least squares)
  • 正交迴歸 (Orthogonal regression) *
  • Poisson 迴歸 (Poison regression)
  • 圖:殘差圖 (residual), 因子圖 (factorial), 等高線圖 (contour), 曲面圖 (surface) 等
  • 逐步 (Stepwise: p-value, AICc, and BIC selection criterion)
  • 最佳子集 (Best subsets)
  • 響應預測 (Response prediction) 和優化 (Optimization)
  • 回歸驗證和二元邏輯回歸*

方差分析 (Analysis of Variance)

  • 變異數分析 (ANOVA)
  • 一般線性模型 (General Linear Model) *
  • 混合模型 (Mixed models) *
  • 多元變異數分析 (MANOVA)
  • 多重比較 (Multiple comparisons) *
  • 響應預測 (Response prediction) 和優化 (Optimization) *
  • 變異數相等檢定 (Test for equal variances)
  • 圖:殘差 (residual), 因子 (factorial), 等值線 (contour), 曲面 (surface) 等
  • 均值分析 (Analysis of means)

量測系統分析 (Measurement Systems Analysis)

  • 數據收集工作表 (Data collection worksheets)
  • 量具重複性與再現性 Crossed (Gage R&R Crossed) *
  • 量具重複性與再現性 Nested (Gage R&R Nested) *
  • 量具重複性與再現性 Expanded (Gage R&R Expanded) *
  • 量具推移圖 (Gage run chart)
  • 量具線性與偏性 (Gage linearity and bias)
  • 型一量具研究 (Type 1 Gage Study)
  • 屬性量具分析 (Attribute Gage Study) – AIAG 分析法
  • 屬性一致性分析 (Attribute agreement analysis)

品質工具 (Quality Tools)

  • 推移圖 (Run chart)
  • 柏拉圖 (Pareto chart)
  • 魚骨圖 (Cause-and-effect diagram)
  • 計量型管制圖 (Variables control charts):XBar、R、S、XBar-R、XBar-S、I、MR、I-MR、
  • 計數型管制圖 (Attributes control charts):P、NP、C、U、Laney P’ 和 U’
  • 時間加權管制圖 (Time-weighted control charts):MA、EWMA、CUSUM
  • 多變量管制圖 (Multivariate control charts):T2、Generalized variance、MEWMA
  • 罕見事件管制圖:G 和 T (Rare events charts: G and T)
  • 歷史數據/製程階段性管制圖 (Historical/shift-in-process charts)
  • Box-Cox 和 Johnson 轉換
  • 單一分配辨識 (Individual distribution identification)
  • 製程能力分析 (Process capability):常態 (Normal),
    非常態 (Non-normal), 計數 (Attribute), 批次 (Batch)
  • 製程能力分析 SixpackTM (Process Capability SixpackTM)
  • 容忍區間 (Tolerance intervals) *
  • 允收抽樣和 OC 曲線 (Acceptance sampling and OC curves)
  • 多變異圖
  • 變異性控製圖

實驗設計 (Design of Experiments)

  • 明確的篩選設計 (Definitive Screening Designs)
  • Plackett-Burman Designs
  • 兩水準因子設計 (Two-level factorial designs)
  • 分裂區集設計 (Split-plot designs)
  • 一般因子設計 (General factorial designs)
  • 反應曲面設計 (Response surface designs)
  • 混和設計 (Mixture designs)
  • D-optimal 和 Distance-based Designs
  • 田口設計 (Taguchi designs)
  • 使用者自訂設計 (User-specified designs)
  • 因子實驗設計的變異分析 (Analyze variability for factorial designs)
  • Botched runs
  • 效應圖 (Effects plots):常態 (Normal), 半常態 (Half-normal), 柏拉圖 (Pareto) *
  • 反應值預測 (Response prediction) 和最佳化 (Optimization)
  • 圖形:殘差 (residual), 主效應 (main effects), 交互作用 (interaction), 立方 (cube), 等值線 (contour), 曲面 (surface), 線框 (wireframe)

可靠度/倖存分析 (Reliability/Survival)

  • 有母數和無母數分配分析
    (Parametric and nonparametric distribution analysis) *
  • 適合度檢測 (Goodness-of-fit measures)
  • 實際失效, 右設限, 左設限和區間設限資料
    (Exact failure, right-, left-, and interval-censored data)
  • 加速壽命測試 (Accelerated life testing)
  • 壽命資料之迴歸分析 (Regression with life data)
  • 測試計畫 (Test plans)
  • 門檻參數分配 (Threshold parameter distributions)
  • 可修復系統分析 (Repairable systems)
  • 多重失效模式分析 (Multiple failure modes)
  • 概率分析 (Probit Analysis)
  • Weibayes Analysis
  • 圖:分配圖 (distribution), 機率圖 (probability), 危險率圖 (hazard), 存活率圖 (survival)
  • 保證分析 (Warranty analysis)

檢定力和樣本數 (Power and Sample Size)

  • 樣本數估計 (Sample size for estimation)
  • 容忍區間樣本數 (Sample size for tolerance intervals)*
  • 單樣本 Z (One-sample Z)、單樣本和兩樣本 t
    (One- and two-sample t)
  • 成對 t (Paired t)
  • 單樣本和兩樣本比例 (One and two proportions)
  • 單樣本和兩樣本帕松率 (One- and two-sample Poisson rates)
  • 單樣本和兩樣本變異數 (One and two variances)
  • 相等性檢定 (Equivalence tests)
  • 單因子變異數分析 (One-Way ANOVA)
  • 兩水準 (Two-level) , Plackett-Burman 和一般全因子設計 (General full factorial designs)
  • 功效曲線 (Power curves)

多變量分析 (Multivariate)

  • 主成分分析 (Principal components analysis)
  • 因素分析 (Factor analysis)
  • 區別分析 (Discriminant analysis)
  • 集群分析 (Cluster analysis)
  • 對應分析 (Correspondence analysis)
  • 項目分析 (Item analysis) 和 Cronbach’s alpha

時間序列和預測 (Time Series and Forecasting)

  • 時間序列圖 (Time series plots)
  • 趨勢分析 (Trend analysis)
  • 分解 (Decomposition)
  • 移動平均 (Moving average)
  • 指數平滑 (Exponential smoothing)
  • Winters’ 方法
  • 自我 (Auto-)、偏自我 (partial auto-) 和交互相關性函數 (cross correlation functions)
  • 綜合自回歸移動平均 (ARIMA)

非參數分析 (Nonparametrics)

  • 符號檢驗
  • Wilcoxon 檢驗
  • Mann-Whitney 檢驗
  • Kruskal-Wallis 檢驗
    Mood 中位數檢驗
  • Friedman 檢驗
  • 遊程檢驗

等價檢驗 (Equivalence Tests)

  • 單樣本和兩樣本 (One- and two-sample), 配對 (paired)
  • 2×2 交叉設計 (2×2 crossover design)

表格法 (Tables)

  • 卡方 (Chi-square)、費雪 (Fisher’s exact) 和其他檢定
  • 卡方適合度檢定 (Chi-square goodness-of-fit test)
  • 計數和交差分組表 (Tally and cross tabulation)

模擬和分配 (Simulation and Distributions)

  • 隨機亂數生成器 (Random number generator)
  • 機率密度, 累積分配和反累積分配函數
    (Probability density, cumulative distribution, and inverse cumulative distribution functions)
  • 隨機抽樣 (Random sampling)
  • 自引導和隨機化檢驗 (Bootstrapping and randomization tests) *
巨集和客製化 (Macros and Customizability)
  • 可自定義的選單和工具列 (Customizable menus and toolbars)
  • 大量的偏好設定和使用者配置功能 (Extensive preferences and user profiles)
  • 強大的腳本功能 (Powerful scripting capabilities)*
  • Python 集成*

System Requirements
Installation Guides 安裝指南
License Agreement 許可協議

License Agreement 许可协议

If You are a Licensed Entity, the Software may be used by Your current divisions, subsidiaries or affiliates, domestic or international, controlling, or controlled by or under common control with You.


Terms 條款
a) The listed price for Minitab Statistical Software includes | 上列Minitab 統計軟件的價格包括:
– a link for software download | 官方軟件下載鏈接,
– license (valid for use in HK for specified years) | 軟件許可授權 (在香港使用指定的年期),
– Minitab’s official guides for installation | Minitab的官方安裝指南文件,
– a discount (valid for 1 year from payment date) of USD 100 for group buying training courses posted here.
價值USD 100的培訓課程折扣優惠 (有效期爲從付款日起一年),適用於此網頁列出的包班課程。

b) The installation and registration will be done by the users. Additional official technical supports by Minitab can be found here.
軟件的安裝和登記由用戶進行。更多由Minitab 提供的協助可以由此獲取。

c) License Agreement for Minitab software is here.
Minitab 軟件的許可協議見此網頁

d) The users can buy training courses by DQS on the use of Minitab, with terms listed here.

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