What is RTTP?  | 何謂”再工業化及科技培訓計劃”?

Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP), was launched by HK Government to nurture local technology talent.
The RTTP subsidises local companies on a 2:1 (RTTP : Company) matching basis to train their staff in advanced technologies. The Vocational Training Council (VTC) administers the RTTP as its Secretariat.

再工業化及科技培訓計劃以2:1 (RTTP:企業)的配對形式資助本地企業人員接受高端科技培訓。計劃由職業訓練局管理及擔任秘書處。

Eligible courses by DQS Academy | DQS 學堂的資助適用課程

Ref No
Training Course 課程名稱Free with 附送Languages 語言Duration 天數Evaluation 測評Training Dates
培訓費/人 (VIP小班)
Grant by RTTP
FSR-20-U1 (RTTP)Tapa FSR V2020 Standard Understanding TrainingNAMaterials in English, 中文講解1 daywithin 0.5 dayApr 26 or May 14, 2021DQS HK OfficeHKD 4,5002/3
MD-IA2 (RTTP)ISO 13485:2016 Internal Auditor Training | 醫療器械質量管理體系內審員培訓 (with emphasis on Surgical Masks 側重口罩相關內容)NAChinese 中文2 daysincluded (within 0.5 day)May 4-5, 2021DQS HK OfficeHKD 7,9992/3
DOE-M1 (RTTP)Training on DOE with Minitab | 應用Minitab進行試驗設計培訓Minitab Statistical Software (a single-user license for 1 year)Chinese 中文1 dayswithin 0.5 dayMay 7, 2021DQS HK OfficeHKD 33,9992/3

Terms for Training in Virtual Class 虛擬課堂培訓的條款:

  • The courses are not pre-recorded training and will ensure class interaction.
  • Attendance will be taken at least twice during an training, including one at the beginning and another one before the end.
  • Trainees are required to join the online platform with their registered names (consistent with RTTP applications) and camera on.
    學員在加入在線平台時必須輸入其正式姓名 (與RTTP申請一致) 並打開攝像頭。
  • Screenshots (with trainees’ photos) in the online platform will be taken and recorded as a proof of attendance.
  • An access will be provided to RTTP Secretariat as an observer to join the Live Virtual Class for random class inspections.

Other Terms 其他條款

Who are eligible for grant? | 誰合資格申請資助?

A Company 如下的公司:

  1. registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310);
    按《商業登記條例》 (第310章) 在香港登記;
  2. must be a non-government and non-subvented organisation; and
  3. the employee nominated is a Hong Kong permanent resident with the necessary background/experience relevant to the advanced technology of the training course.
    被推薦的僱員為香港永久性居民,並具有該高端科技課程相關的背景 / 相關經驗。
  4. For a course listed above, the nominated employee shall pass the online exam in DQS HK office and proctored by EC Council.
    針對上列課程,被推薦的僱員需要通過在DQS HK辦公室進行的由EC Council 監考的在線考試。

Each company is subject to a funding ceiling of HK$500,000 from the RTTP in each financial year.

How to apply? | 如何申請資助?

The company should complete the application form and submit to VTC with supporting documents at least 2 weeks before the start of course.
The company should submit claim form and relevant documents to the VTC within 2 months after satisfactory completion of the training course.
For details, please refer to the RTTP Training Grant Claim Requirements.


Contact for more information about the Grant? |如何獲得更多關於資助的資訊?

Organization:VTC Headquarters (Industry Partnership)
Address:30/F, Billion Plaza II, 10 Cheung Yue Street,
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone:(852) 3907 6681
Email: rttp@vtc.edu.hk
Registered Courses:https://rttp.vtc.edu.hk/rttp/course/list (input DQS and search.)

Note 注:

  • The training dates posted at our website and those at VTC website are just tentative, which are subject to further confirmation by DQS by email.
  • Before your decision, please shall refer to VTC website for the latest official information about RTTP.