Cyber Security Courses by EC Council

(eLearning self-study courses with e-courseware and recorded videos)

The IT security related self-study courses give you not only the flexibility to choose when and where you learn, but also the pace of learning. An candidate with the required working experience in information security as specified in the course brochures can go for professional qualifications after self-study and passing the exam.

Item No.Course NameSelf-Study
and Exam
Access to
Online Exam
Ethical Hacker (V12)
1 year
6 months1 pc125 MC questions
in 4 hours

HK$13,999Add to Cart 購買

CHFI-iComputer Hacking
Forensic Investigator
1 year
6 months1 pc150 MC questions
in 4 hours

HK$11,999Add to Cart 購買

CCISO-iCertified Chief
Information Security Officer
1 year
NA1 pc150 MC questions
in 2.5 hours

HK$13,999Add to Cart 購買


Guidelines to participants for Self-study, Exams and Certifications by EC Council
a) The registered participant can complete the online self-study and exam within the course duration.
b) After completing the online course at EC Council website, the participant can apply to EC Council for exam appointment.
c) The proctored online exam by EC Council is as stated above, with verification of Identity Card or Passport in advance.
d) If failing the exam, the participant can buy additional voucher for a retake.
e) After passing the exam, the participant can apply to EC Council for professional certification, which is out of this service package.
Exams by EC Council
Exam Approach
Proctoring Party
Exam Date & Time
Equipment by Participant
Accompanying Materials 可攜帶資料
Online examA room with Participant aloneEC CouncilAppointment with EC Council by ParticipantComputer, USB camera (or embedded camera + mirror background)Nil
Terms 條款
f) The above price is for an e-Learning Self-Study package in English, including:

  • Instructor led training modules in recorded videos (1 year access)
  • e-courseware (1 year access)
  • iLabs access (6 months, if applicable)
  • An exam voucher (for online exam within 1 year)
  • Certificate of Completion (after completing self-study and passing exam)

b) Access to above package will be provided within a few working days after payment.
c) The self-study, exam, and certification processes will be directly between the participant and EC Council.
d) EC Council requires the participant to be over age 18.
e) Upon request with charge of HKD 300, an additional certificate in pdf by DQS Academy can be provided for a course with exam passed.
f) After EC Council confirms the validity of our provided course code for above course package by EC Council, the service by DQS HK is completed without further liability.
g) The following services will be directly between EC Council and the participant, including the handling of dissatisfied service.
h) DQS HK may provide additional support out of goodwill, but it is subject to the cooperation by EC Council beyond our control.
g) DQS HK helps the participant to buy the e-learning self-study course from EC Council with the listed price.

h) More terms for above e-learning self-study courses are specified in the Individual Training Service Terms posted at