E-Learning Courses at Ease | 輕鬆自在的在線自學課程

  • Self-study with recorded videos in the app of Kate at your pace.
    按你的節奏通過應用程式 Kate 觀看錄製的視頻進行自學;
  • Section-based quiz during the courses to help understanding.
  • Training materials in pdf are downloadable in PECB Kate app.
    在應用程式 PECB Kate 中可以下載pdf格式的培訓材料;
  • After self-study, take the online exam with appointment by you with PECB.
  • The CPD hours for PECB qualifications are equivalent to those from the same lecturing courses.
  • An candidate with the working and audit experience as specified in the course brochure can go for PECB qualifications by self-study and exam.
    具備課程簡介上所列工作和審核經驗的人員可以通過自學和考試取得PECB 認可資格。

PECB recognized e-Learning Courses
CategoryCourseLead  Auditor / 5-days / HKD 7,800Lead Implementer / 5-days / HKD 7,800Manager / 3-days / HKD 6,400
IT, InfoSecISO 27001 Information Security ManagementISMS-LA-eLISMS-LI-eL---
SustainabilityISO 22301 Business Continuity ManagementBCM-LA-eLBCM-LI-eL---
IT, SustainabilityISO 31000 Risk Management------31-RM-eL
PECB Exam Approach Options 考試的可選方式
Exam Approach
Proctoring Party
Exam Duration
Exam Time
Preparation 事先準備Equipment by Participant
Allowing Materials 可攜帶資料
Online examA room anywhere with participant alonePECBTypically 1 to 3 hours without breakAppointment
by course participant
Create exam profile.

Download PECB Exams app.
A computer with webcam and built-in microphoneAssociated standard, course notes, and dictionary. All electronic devices turned off, except for the computer and camera.
Exam in paper
(Not available for eLearning courses)
DQS office in Shatin, HK (Not offered for exam during CoViD-19 pandemic at present.)DQS HKTypically 3 hours without break9:30-12:30 or 14:30-17:30, Monday to Friday, with appointment---PenAssociated standard, course notes, and dictionary. All electronic devices turned off.
Service Processes 服务流程
ParticipantDQS HKPECBRemarks
Register for an account at PECB websitebefore or right after your payment to DQS
At this DQS webpage, Add-to-Cart your selected course type
Input the Course Number and Course Name, during during online payment process
Select exam approach, during online payment processExam normally within 4 months from payment date
Payment to DQS
Order confirmation email
Inform DQS your email address for your PECB account, if not providedReply to the order confirmation email address
Install app KATEin your computer or mobile phone
Order to PECBAccess to training materials in English via KATEnormally within a couple of working days
Self-study via KateTraining materials may be downloaded from Kate, if offered.
Recorded videos are available for e-learning courses only.
ExamA free retake by PECB, if required, normally within 3 months after initial exam.
Exam result by email to participantnormally in some weeks after exam
Receiving an email with exam passing result, when applicable
Reply to PECB with request for a training certificateOptional
Apply to PECB for qualificationwith exam-pass result and required working experience stated in course brochure
Qualification certificate to participant, if accepted

Brochure of e-Learning
e-Learning CourseFor a 3-day Course | 3天課程For a 5-day Course | 5天課程Inquiry | 查詢

HK$6,400Add to Cart 購買

HK$7,800Add to Cart 購買


About 關於 PECB
  • Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) is a Personnel Certification Body accredited by The International Accreditation Service (IAS) under ISO/IEC 17024 – Requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.
  • PECB is a full member of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).
  • IPC Management System Auditors certification scheme is endorsed by IAF MLA from 30 October 2017.
  • PECB becomes an IPC MLA Signatory Member from 2018.
  • PECB becomes a Licensed Partner Publisher of CMMC-AB from 2020.
  • PECB becomes a member of CPD Certification Service from 2021.
  • DQS-HK is a Training Partner authorized by PECB.

Terms 條款

a) The service processes are as stated above.
b) An initial online exam or one retake, if required, can be appointed at PECB website by the participant, without charge.
c) For an exam or an exam retake in paper in DQS office, or rescheduling an exam in paper, if required, a handling fee of HKD 300 will be applied, with appointment at least 10 working days in advance.
d) The CPD credits mentioned in course brochure is not applicable to self-study or eLearning courses.
Refer to the CPD Policy for PECB qualifications about the CPD hours from traditional self-study courses or eLearning courses.
e) Above listed prices include:

  • Access to recorded videos, training materials and exercises in English by PECB during course period
  • An online examination by PECB, normally within 4 months
  • A retake by PECB, if required, within 3 months after initial exam
  • Initial qualification registration fee by PECB, if applicable

f) DQS HK doesn’t get involved in other service processes directly between PECB and the participant.
g) More terms for above PECB recognized self-study courses are specified in the Individual Training Service Terms posted at https://dqs.hk/customers/contracts/.

Enquiry  for Training Course Registration: Ms Phyllis Yiu 姚小姐,
+852 – 37522297,  +86-18717733306, info.hk@dqs.de.