What is Consumption Voucher?  | 何謂”消費券”?

Consumption Voucher Scheme is launched by HK Government with consumption vouchers to eligible citizens for local consumption.

Eligible items | 適用項目

Local retail, catering, and service outlets or their online platforms, with some exclusive items.

Courses by DQS HK | DQS 香港的课程

There are quite some lecturing training courses and self-study courses provided by DQS HK.
You may try to use Consumption Voucher with Alipay (HK), WeChat Pay (HK), or Tap & Go (via Mastercard or Unionpay card) for the training courses.
For lecturing courses, please make payments only after confirmation with us in writing.

DQS HK提供一系列的講授培訓課程自學課程
你可以嘗試通過支付寶(香港)、微信支付(香港) 或 拍住賞 (經由Mastercard或銀聯卡) 使用消費券購買培訓課程。

Note 注:

For payments with installments of consumption vouchers, please contact us.