RoHS 2.0 has become effective from Jan 3, 2013, with some updates to relevant regulations in recent years.

Do you know :

When the restriction for DEHP、BBP、DBP、DIBP shall start to apply to associated products?

What products will be included in the restriction requirements from Jul 22, 2019?

Besides restriction for certain substances, are there any other requirements in RoHS 2.0?

What is the relation between RoHS 2.0 and EN 50581:2012?

What standards shall be applied for the tests of restricted substances within RoHS 2.0?

How many substances are in the lasted SVHCs relevant to REACH?

Are there any other hazardous substances related regulations for EEE?

Is there regulation related to hazardous substances in automotive industry?

What is IMDS?

How to apply IECQ HSPM QC 080000 certification to address the risks from regulations like above?

If you like to know some of them, refer to here (with some information in Chinese) or contact us for more information.

RoHS 2.0指令(即關於電子電氣設備中限制使用某些特定有害物質的歐盟指令2011/65/EU)已於2013年1月3日起施行,相關法規也在近年進行了若干的更新。


其中提到的四種鄰苯二甲酸鹽 (DEHP、BBP、DBP、DIBP)限用要求什麼時候開始實施?


除了禁用物質的含量要求,該RoHS 2.0還有什麼其他方面的要求?

RoHS 2.0 跟協調標準EN 50581:2012 有什麼關係?






如何利用IECQ HSPM QC 080000 認證來應對由上列類似法規帶來的風險?